Funginix Coupon Code - Where Can You Find it?

If you suffer from fingernail or toenail fungus, funginix is the most effective treatment to get rid of this. It has a higher success rate than any other product on the market. If you have done your research, you will have realised that funginix is the best product for you.

Luckily for you, there are coupons available so you can enjoy beautiful nails for a fraction of the price. Finding them is not so easy.

Up until recently, there has been no internet page created with the latest up-to-date codes to enter when purchasing funginix over the internet. Apparently this would make too much sense. But we know they exist as there is a box for your “Funginix coupon code” on the order page when you try to buy funginix from the internet.

After direct contact with funginix, it has been discovered that it is “very simple” to obtain a coupon code. On the home page there is a box asking you to submit your email address in order to join the coupon club. They will then send you monthly emails containing money off codes. Even this is not as easy as it sounds.

New members to the coupon club can expect to wait between three and four weeks before they receive their first email. Unfortunately nail fungus does not realise that it takes this long to buy funginix and in the meantime it is spreading and becoming worse. funginix have made sure the email does not arrive till at least three weeks later so that consumers who visit the website and do not make a purchase are encouraged to return to the website and buy the product once they receive their email.

Of course, it is unfair that people who visit the website with the intention of buying funginix without a coupon code have to either miss out on discounts or allow their nail fungus to become worse before they treat it. What should you do?

The Sisquoc Healthcare Corporation releases new voucher codes for funginix three to five times a year. It will not release them any more often and so even if you have already signed up for your emails, you could still be waiting two months before receiving a voucher code. Although it may be tempting to wait until you can get a discount, it is probably inadvisable as you nails might have completely crumbled by the time you receive it. The sooner you can treat your fungus, the better your chances of saving your nails.

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